Curriculum vitae (english)

25.1.1963 born in Concepcion, Chile
1969-1973 elementary school in Cappel and Coelbe near Marburg
1973-1982 high school (Gymnasium Philippinum) in Marburg; Abitur
4.10.1982-31.12.1983 army duty
Nov. 1983 started to study chemistry at the Bavarian Julius-Maximilian university, Wuerzburg
July 1985 student scholarship awarded by the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”
30.03.1988 chemistry diploma, starting PhD studies with Prof. J.Manz in Wuerzburg
July 1988 PhD scholarship awarded by the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”
24.1.1990 PhD (Dr.rer.nat.)
Aug.1990-Aug.1992 post doc with Prof. E.A.Carter, University of California, Los Angeles, financed by a scholarship from the German chemical industry (Liebig Stipendium)
Sep.1992 further post doc work (“Habilitation”) with Prof. H.-J.Werner, Bielefeld
April 1994 C1 position and further research (“Habilitation”) with Prof. H.-J.Werner, Stuttgart
10.12.1997 start of the “Habilitation” procedure
22.04.1998 successful completion of the “Habilitation” procedure
17.06.1998 license to teach theoretical chemistry at the University of Stuttgart
01.10.1998 C2 position at the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Stuttgart
Jan.2000 Karl Winnacker scholarship awarded by the Hoechst group
13.08.2001 offer for a C3 professorship for theoretical chemistry at the University of Kiel
01.04.2002 university professor in Kiel

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