We are located at Max-Eyth-Str. 2.

All telephone numbers are local numbers in Kiel. If calling from outside, please dial (+49) 431 as area code.
To all e-mail addresses, append “”, after the “at”-sign.


Doctoral students

Mark Dittner
Room 31
Tel: 880-2752
e-mail: dittner@…
Research: Global optimization of catalytic fields

Henrik Larsson
Room 31
Tel: 880-2752
e-mail: larsson@…
Research: Quantum-mechanical wavepacket dynamics


Julian Müller
Room 32
Tel: 880-5820
e-mail: mueller@…
Research: Dissociation and recombination of molecules with predetermined breaking points


Tim Raeker
Room 30
Tel: 880-1759
e-mail: raeker@…
Research: Design and photodynamics of excited-state proton transfer switches


David Siebler
Room 31
Tel: 880-2752
e-mail: siebler@…
Research: Automatic evaluation of molecular dynamics trajectories


Florian Spenke
Room 32
Tel: 880-5820
e-mail: spenke@…
Research: Automatic molecule assembly


Julien Steffen
Room 30
Tel: 880-1759
e-mail: steffen@…
Research: EVB-QMDFF reactive force fields


Christopher Witt
Room 30
Tel: 880-1759
e-mail: witt@…
Research: Global optimization of clusters on surfaces


M.Sc. students


B.Sc. students


Former group members

Sascha “Sushi” Frick (from the University of Kiel, Germany), now at the HLRN

Insa Stamer (from the University of Kiel, Germany), now at the IPN

Dr. Ole Carstensen (from the University of Kiel, Germany), now with SCM Amsterdam (ADF development)

Yan Li, PhD, from China, and now back there.

Dr. J. Boyke Schönborn (from the University of Kiel, Germany), now postdoc with Peter Saalfrank(University of Potsdam)

Dr. Johannes Dieterich (from the University of Stuttgart), after a postdoc with Ricardo Mata(University of Göttingen) now another postdoc with Emily Carter (Princeton University)

Dr. Jan Sielk (from the Technical University RWTH Aachen), now with Berthold Technologies

Dr. Mats Eriksson (from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden), now with AstraZeneca, Gothenburg

Dr. Florian Koskowski (from the University of Kiel, Germany), first with AVACAD, now withCompuGroup Medical in Molfsee

Dr. Frank von Horsten (from the Paschos group, theoretical physics, Uni Dortmund), after a postdoc with David Clary, Oxford, U.K., now with Atotech

Dr. Bernhard Bandow (from the Hess group, statistical physics, TU Berlin), later at the HLRNcomputing center (Hannover), now at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research

Dr. Rungtiva Palangsuntikul (from Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand), now back in Thailand

Dr. Franziska Schulz (from the University of Stuttgart, Germany), after a postdoc in the von Klitzing group (Uni Kiel), now with ProALPHA

Dr. Adem Tekin (from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), after a postdoc in the Jansen group(Uni Essen), and further research at the Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design and Risoe National Lab, Technical University of Denmark, now assistant professor at Istanbul Technical University.

Dipl. Inf. André Janz (from the computer science department at the University of Hamburg), now with ProALPHA

Dr. Dimitris Skouteris

PhD David Simah

PhD Wensheng Bian

Dipl. Chem. Michael Baumhauer