Group seminar

Wednesday 13:00, Max-Eyth-Str. 2

seminar room 107 or K-Lab 009

guests are always welcome!


02.Nov.2011: Bernd Hartke
Simulating photochemical switching of brAB without excited states
09.Nov.2011: Yan Li (note: start at 12:30; we have to finish at 13:45)
Molecular dynamics of water near DNA
16.Nov.2011: Sascha Frick (note: start at 14:00; SFB-seminar until then)
literature seminar
23.Nov.2011: Uta Corinna Stange
talk on her BSc work in the Temps group
30.Nov.2011: Julian Müller
talk on his F3 practical course
21.Dec.2011: Ole Carstensen
literature seminar
11.Jan.2012: Bernd Hartke
literature seminar
18.Jan.2012: Roland Scholz
literature seminar (note: start at 12:00; we have to finish at 12:45)
25.Jan.2012: Sascha Frick
literature seminar
01.Feb.2012: Uta Corinna Stange
talk on her F3 practical course (note: start at 14:15, after SFB)


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