Introduction to Computational Chemistry


basic qualitative introduction to

  • force fields and molecular dynamics
  • everyday methods of electronic structure theory
  • practical aspects of quantum chemistry calculations

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Übungsfolien SoSe 2019 (Stand: 04.07.19)
Folien zur Übung (Stand: 03.07.)

Dudle-Umfrage zum Computerchemie Minipraktikum (geschlossen) Das Minipraktikum findet am 17.6.2019 ab 17 Uhr im CIP Pool in der organischen Chemie statt.

Attention: Until winter semester 2017/18, this module was taught as chem503 in winter semesters. From summer 2018 onwards, it has been renamed to chem407 and will be taught in summer semesters. This is a measure to lower the teaching load in the 5th semester, as broadly requested by chemistry students.