Mathematics for Chemists 1



  • basic vector calculus, geometric applications
  • differentiation of functions of a single variable
  • integration of functions of a single variable
  • differentiation of functions of several variables
  • brief glimpse at one type of integrals of functions of several variables

Course material
current organizational news
general organizational details
exam rules and hints
exam room distribution
voluntary additional exercise groups (with PerLe) (note: three time slots, you can take all of them, but you do not have to.)

MfC1 script (second version, essentially complete; worked examples are given in the lectures and exercises)

MfC1 exercise groups are now available.

exercise sheet 1, solutions 1
exercise sheet 2, solutions 2
exercise sheet 3, solutions 3
exercise sheet 4, solutions 4

The following two links contain basic exercises that feature content that is often done wrong. They are far from exhaustive but can give you a starting point.
basic calculations exercise
basic differentiation/integration exercise
If you have any problems with with these basic exercises, please work through the material listed above for the pre-course in mathematics (script and exercises).