Mathematics for Chemists 2

MNF-chem0202 (SoSe 2019)


  • integration of functions of several variables
  • Fourier series and transforms
  • linear algebra
  • differential equations

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voluntary additional exercises (in collaboration with PerLe): Mon 16-18, OS40-R.13 ; Fri 18-20, OS40-R.13

MfC2 script (second version, almost complete)

Exercise groups

exercise sheet 1, solutions 1
exercise sheet 2, solutions 2
exercise sheet 3, solutions 3
exercise sheet 4, solutions 4

differential equations flowchart
(old flowchart version: same contents, crappy design)

The two following links contain basic exercises that feature content that is often done wrong.
They are far from exhaustive but can give you a starting point.
basic calculations exercise
basic differentiation/integration exercise