Preparatory course Mathematics for Chemists

For many chemistry students, Mathematics for Chemists 1(&2) is difficult, not so much because the actual contents is difficult to understand but because high-school mathematics has not provided sufficient training in basic calculus techniques (dealing with fractions, simplifications of expressions, etc.).

Hence, before the start of the first semester, we offer a special preparation course as additional, optional support.

In 2020, this pre-course was originally scheduled to last one week, from Monday, Sept 28, to Friday, Oct 2, with a lecture-like first part each morning, complemented by individual training in smaller exercise groups each afternoon, distributed across several different rooms.

This pre-course will take place, and presumably also in the week just mentioned, but due to the still present Corona restrictions, currently (mid-July) we do not know yet in which form we will be allowed to do it, i.e., anything between fully online and fully “live on-campus”. A fully online version will likely consist of

  • a lecture-like part, in the form of pdf-files combined with explanatory video clips, as shown here for MfC2
  • exercise sheets (see below) for self-study
  • and exercise-help sessions in the form of online-chats

More information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.
For questions, feel free to contact me under

Course material: