Preparatory course Mathematics for Chemists

For many chemistry students, Mathematics for Chemists 1(&2) is difficult, not so much because the actual contents is difficult to understand but because high-school mathematics has not provided sufficient training in basic calculus techniques (dealing with fractions, simplifications of expressions, etc.).

Hence, before the start of the first semester, we offer a special preparation course as additional, optional support.

In 2019, this pre-course lasts one week, from Tuesday, Sept 24, to Monday, Sept 20. Each morning there will be a lecture-like first part, complemented by individual training in smaller exercise groups each afternoon. The first lecture will be on Tuesday, Sept 24, 9:15, in room OHP5-HS2. There, further organisational information will be given.

On this first day, we will also assign you to the excercise groups, which will be distributed across several different rooms.

Please see the following map to help you find your rooms: Campus Map

Course material: